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Classic Christmas Radio Shows

Christmas Carol

When you think of Christmas classics, several things come to mind; A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, It's A Wonderful Life. All of these stories and movies made their way to radio, bringing the essence of those stories to radio.


A Christmas Carol

This particular classic has been done in many different ways and many different settings over the years. On old time radio, A Christmas Carol was performed on Lux Radio Theater, Campbells's Playhouse, and Globe Theater. Marley made his appearance as did the ghosts, and Scrooges life was changed forever.

"Christmas Carol" from Globe Theater (1944)
compliments of Old Time Radio

Then we get into the more unusual interpretations of this classic like A Korean Christmas Carol on Suspense. The most unusual thing about this version is that it's on Suspense followed closely by the title.

"Korean Christmas Carol" from Suspense (1949)
compliments of Old Time Radio

The next thing you might want to ask yourself is how, exactly, does A Christmas Carol become a detective story? Richard Diamond did it not once but twice.

"Christmas Carol" from Richard Diamond (1949)
compliments of Old Time Radio

So now there's a horror version and a detective version. How about comedy? Burns and Allen gave us Gracie's Christmas Carol. When you throw Gracie Allen into a story, you just know it's going to be a knee slapper.

Favorite Christmas Story Adaptions

Old-time radio also presented some of Christmas' most beloved stories. Gift of the Magi by O. Henry was adapted for radio as was Little Match Girl.

"Gift of the Magi" from
Hallmark Playhouse (1949) - Old Time Radio